The following instructions outline the setup process for OpenVPN connection on Linux Mint 19 (Mate)

1. Download the Anonine configuration file(s) here

2. Right-click the downloaded file and select "Extract here" . Also remove all blank spaces from configuration name, or substitute them with underscores. This is required because it will not work without this small fix (it an old Network Manager bug).

3.  Remove all blank spaces from configuration file name or replace them with underscore. This is required because of Network manager bug.

4.  Open the "Terminal"

5.    To check and install(if not already installed) Openvpn and it's dependencies - type following commands one by one:

sudo apt update
sudo apt install network-manager-openvpn-gnome

6.    Click on the "Network" icon in bottom right corner and click on "Edit connections" button

7.   Click on the plus icon on the left to add new VPN connection

8.   Select "Import a saves VPN configuration"  and then click "Create"

9. Select the Anonine.ovpn configuration file of server you would like to connect to from the downloaded and extracted files in Step 1-3. 

10. Enter your Anonine username and password. Click "Save"

11. Select the connection you just added and click on it

The message about successful  connection will pop-up

All of your online activities are now 100% secure and anonymous while connected to Anonine.  


If you have any questions, or experience any issues while installing & setting up your Linux Mint computer to connect to the Anonine VPN servers, please contact our Support Team anytime.